Greenhouse (with a number of broken panels) (Monkspath B90)

The metal frame of the greenhouse seems to be good, but its has a number of broken glass/perspex panels (see photos) that will need to be replaced.

We have taken the glass/perspex out of it (and have saved the clips that we could) and put it to one side for you to take, so you will only need to dismantle the frame yourself. Note: the shelving that was inside of the greenhouse has already been Freegled.

It's either a project to do up or use it for parts.

You will have to dismantle it yourselves and transport it yourselves. It seems to be screwed into the metal/concrete base, so you might have to screw it into something else. Philips head (cross) screwdriver and small spanners/socket wrench might do the job.

Offered it on here before it goes down the skip route.

Please no time wasters. If you can't dismantle (with your own tools) and transport it, then please do not contact us about it.