Joovy two-kid stroller (20008, near BreadFurst)

This is a 4 year old Joovy "Ulta Light Caboose" double stroller with two attachments:
- tandem back seat (green)
- a baby car seat adapter:

Like this but old and quite used. My phone couldn't handle the red color - it's a bit more orangey than the raspberry tint showing up in pics. There are a number of water/dirt stains - it could definitely use being soaped and hosed off. (alas, we do not have easy access to water outside our apartment building). Occasionally, we used to oil the hinges and wheels with wd-40.

Included two photos of how we used the stroller.
In one, kids are 0 and 4 yrs, and we used the backseat and the car seat attachment.
In second, kids are 2 and 6, and the oldest is standing on the foot support.

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