3D Printer - Da Vinci 1.0 Aio (Zeirdt Rd and Martin Rd SW)

This was my first 3d printer, but I got a bit too ambitious on upgrades. WARNING: This is definitely a project printer or something you can cannibalize for other projects. Here are the known issues:

1) Motherboard is borked. I was poking around with a multimeter looking for where I could attach an additional fan or heater and accidentally touched both a 3.3V and 12V pin. Printer emits an annoying alarm upon turn-on. At least it knows it's broken.
2) Tried to upgrade the extruder and carriage to support an E3d V6 hotend, but instead left that in an unfinished state.

Stepper motors, hotend, rails, and enclosure itself are in good condition. Da Vinci forces you to use their filament by embedding an EEPROM chip in their filament holder. A new chip is sent with each spool of filament. However, using help from the internet, I have an Arduino that is programmed to reset the EEPROM chip. This allows you to use cheaper filaments from other vendors. Arduino does not go with the printer, but I can show you how to program one for this purpose.
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