Panasonic Bread Machine (Eastwood NG16)

This is a well-used bread machine as you can see from the photos but still works well/sure it has plenty of life in it! It was my mums and we find we're not making use of it often enough to warrant buying in the flower and the yeast - in fact we have an unopened/in date pot of yeast we will pass on too. The machine works okay, you just have to press the buttons quite firmly to make your selection. The paddle is a little worn but still has life in it. It would possibly clean up a bit but we never found it caused any issues to the resulting yummy bread. It makes upto approx. an 800g loaf. There is an instruction/recipe booklet that goes with it (see photo) which includes how to make white, brown, wholemeal loafs, dough, Foccacia etc. in the machine.