Misc household items - see details (Darien)

Free things! Cleaning out closets. All of this is free to a good home, please take all in a given photo. When messaging, please tell me what you are interested in, and when you can pick it up off my porch.
This is what I have:

1.) Magnavox remote - has some touchy buttons, don't remember which ones. Would be a good decoy remote so your toddler doesn't mess with the real thing. No batteries, but the battery compartment is clean.

2.) 3 comb bindings - Any teachers here? I lost access to a binding machine, but I still have these 3 combs left - one lg, one med, one small

Porch pickup Whittier drive in Darien. Cross-posted. Please tell me which item you would like and let me know when you can pick up when messaging about availability, preferably within 24 hours of your message. Thank you.