Plastic Milk Bottle Tops (Maidenhead SL6)

When the lady in my area stopped collecting these, I took over, as to stop seemed such a waste. By collecting these plastic milk bottle tops, after taking them to another collector in Reading (who sells them to a company which recycles them into roof tiles and playground toys) she (and therefore WE) raise money for the Air Ambulance. So for those of you who like to recycle, this not only saves milk bottle tops from going into general waste, but they are reused, and raise money for charity.

It takes quite a while to collect a car load full but it does finally happen. Above photo is the last load I took. I have asked my local cafe and club to save their tops for me and they have been really helpful in collecting them for next time I pop round.

I am now working towards the next load to take. Feel free to ask your friends and neighbours, and drop them round any time you like on my doorstep. Thanks, Angela
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