Pair of Black Couches (Near the Walmart Supercenter)

Great couches for free. Got a different couch and don't have the room for these
Never had pets on it. Never smoked. Regularly cleaned.



Loveseat: 37"×31"×69"

Long Couch: 37"×31"×92"


All structural aspects of the couches are perfect, and they are super comfortable. Easy to sleep on, and wide enough to not be cramped.
There is only cosmetic damage to couches, but 99% of it is easily covered by my black washable cotton cushion covers (included when you take them).

Cosmetic damage limited to:
🔹Love seat:
-white plaster mark along back of couch
-slight chip on left couch arm.
-chipping and flaking on cushions, but when covered with cloth covers, can't be noticed at all.
🔹Long Couch:
- Chip on Backrest
- Two incisions on back, where I added extra screws to support the couch frame! Couch was always up against a wall, so I never felt the need to sew them up.
-Chipping on cushions

The couches function perfectly and are honestly super comfortable, but I just don't have room for them anymore. Would make for a very easy reupholstering project for the cushions! The cushions are still very springy, comfortable, and in good structural shape, apart from cosmetic chipping.

First come, first serve.
Relatively heavy, but happy to help you load them!

Fair Offer Policy applies
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