Carpets, Whole House (CT2)

Whole houseful of carpets, available early to mid July, exact date TBA, but there probably won't be much more than a day or two of notice so please don't apply if you're not able to collect at short notice. Including a reliable mobile phone number in your application would really help.

Mottled brown colour, most likely felt-backed, & short pile, (ie typical contract quality stuff.)
Not new, but not warn out either, being changed as part of a whole house refurbishment that includes a change of colour scheme.

If you can take all or most of them that would be a great help as they'll go onto the front lawn & once they're wet no-one is going to want them, & we won't have time to work through the applicants one by one to get rid of them piecemeal. If we get lots of people each wanting one rooms worth we'll put them all out & you can all turn up & fight over them!

Please check the items offered are suitable before any potential wasted journeys are undertaken.
Remember EVERYTHING on Freegle must be for FREE - Freegle = Free, Giving, Locally, Easily.
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