old electronic toys (Brooklyn)

looking for a bumping bump and go cars anything that has lights any type of toy that does not work no more that is broken but that has lights and sound even those fire trucks that people throw away I'm definitely would like to take those I do steampunk projects at my church and I make steampunk guns and mites and a watches and everything and I'm a deacon as well as learning to be a pastor at the church so every Sundays we actually try to do the the steampunk stuff but if not I do it every 2 or 3 weeks so I try to grab as much stuff I can do you people have anything that's electronic toys out there even a little electronic radio control cars I'm missing the controls helicopters anything with lights and motors and sounds and gears I would definitely love so if they're broken definitely don't throw them away I will definitely pick them up I can use it for my church thank you
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