Radio-controlled stuff (Brooklyn)

I'm looking for old radio control cars boats or helicopters that are old even if they're missing the controls I can still do something with them it might be a little hard but I like to work with things with my hands so if you have any of those and you going to throw them away please don't I'll definitely take them off your hands I like to do a lot of things projects with them and it's hard for me to do it because money is a little tight now and I'm trying to get certain things I could go to certain discount stores to get the cars so I like to take the stuff from the cars and put it into the old cars that would work better I already fixed already controlled helicopter I got from fresh nothing and it was really an old one that was an electric powered so I actually put the parts in one put it into another and it worked but it took almost two and a half months but it did work and I still fly it at marine park so if you have any of these please put it on the side I'll definitely appreciate it thank you so much my name is Joe
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