Wood pallets and/or chicken wire (Towne Lake park)


I am hoping someone might have some wood pallets in decent condition they wouldn't mind letting go of. They're for personal use for a backyard garden project. I am thinking 4 pallets, maybe a 5th for extra wood parts. Also on the lookout for chicken wire (or something similar) but idk how much, maybe about 20 - 30' worth (I'm sorry if thats asking a lot, please only give if its not a hassle).

Also I am sorry I am not trying to be picky, but with gas prices as high as they are, I can't really afford to drive terribly far. I am hoping to stay within 30ish miles of Mckinney. I have to borrow my mom's SUV to pick up the pallets because I only have a small car.

Thank you for your time!
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