Human canvas permanent art (SeaWorld area)

Looking for a female preferably with none to few tattoos. Flexible hrs and looking to get a lot of tattoos. So basically this is a long term project where I would like to have nothing but my art on this person. Somewhat of a "suicide gurl" (not wut u think it is, look it up). Must be flexible with ideas, open minded, a high tolerance for pain and must have an appreciation for art. I'll b sleeving, socking, backpiecing and wutever other tattoo term there is for inking out the body. Basically all the tattoos u want with my input in turn for being my walking billboard. Inbox me if interested to get together and brain storm ideas and go over whole contract..yes there is a contract in part to protect u, ourselves, and I incase the r e is anytime of disagreement or longterm loss of communication. If at any point u become unhappy with results, u may terminate contract on terms of satisfaction guaranteed
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