Try to start fresh (Pinellas park)

Hello, ive been blessed a few times on here and to all that even took the time to read what im requesting well I cant ever thank you enough. Im not here to beg I kno that im not the only person that is in need. Since ive moved down here ive gotten a little back on my feet. Im working now...and I do have my own place... I was in the Er for a while doing treatment but moving on... I start classes the 6th yes I kno im asking close to my start date but I wanted to try all other options before I asked.. Im in need of a lot it seems but I coukd use a tablet or a labtop... A small desk and a bike to get back and fourth to work .... I cant afford a car lol but this whole walking and florida heat....🥵 ... I get it im not complaining I kno that there are others that are in more need by all means.. I dont want a hand out... Im just asking if anyone might have anything im not picky im thankful. I dont have to have my cake and icing at the same time Im happy with just the cake... 🙃 it takes a lot to have to ask people I dont even kno.... Trust you me im 36 and sometimes people aint grateful for the family's they can call up for help....If I could I would give anything to do that... Thank you if you can help and thank you if you cant .... Im blessed no matter what to be alive.
Can you help with this request?
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