Houseplants various types (Loughborough LE11)

First is a dracena. I rescued after it had been thrown onto Market street from a cafe. It looked pretty sorry for itself. Repotted it and watered and it has come on fine. I already have one so don't need another. I just rescued it as don't like seeing things go ro waste!

Have a couple of Kalanchoes. They may flower during this summer!

Spider plants - Lots of them as they make babies so easily! Have big ones, little ones, with or without babies. Impossible to kill !!! Very occasionally they produce little white flowers.

2 small pelagoniums (Geraniums). Grown from cuttings so they are small at moment.

Succulent plants in flower. Think the are called Haworthia. They only flower for short time when very hot.

All the plants except the dracena are outside at the moment in my greenhouse. They are not frost hardy. I would suggest when you bring inside that you repot in fresh soil.
Pick up before Thursday please.

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