Hops for Homebrewing (City east: Park-Monroe Ave)

We have 8 large size ziplock bags of frozen hops from last year, and the vines on our garage seem to be going great guns again this summer so - help us make room in the freezer! :) Yes, they've been in the freezer for a year, but my husband just made a batch the other day, and they're in great shape: very aromatic and... hoppy! :) He's just not brewing as often as in the past (we're gettin' old), so we'd like to gift the current inventory before the new ones get ripe. We'll probably advertise again then! :)

Most probably these are Olympic hops, but can’t guarantee that.
Each bag suffices for 5 gallons of beer (more or less according to taste).

For the technically inclined, here are some technical points about Olympic Hops:
Hops Purpose: Bittering & Aroma (well, you probably knew that! ;)
Alpha Acid Composition: 10.6%-13.8%
Beta Acid Composition: 3.8%-6.1%
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