Ergonomical Swivel Desk Chair EUC (196 Southern Heights Blvd, SR)

This swivel office chair has a lot of features of lumbar support and how much tension it gives when you seat and tilt backward. You may want to read the review of the chair below.

Left armrest height is no longer latching, so if you put a weight, it pushes down to the lowest point. But if you have a certain armrest height you want to keep, you could put a small piece plastic inserted to the slot to keep your desired height.

The only reason we're giving away is that my son doesn't like the mesh-like fabric surface (which is good for circulation) and opted another chair we had and we no longer need 2 chairs as distance learning ended early last year.
Easy pick up from the driveway up on the narrow winding roads on the hillside of San Rafael near C street and Wolfe Grade. Must pick up within 3 days and please reply with time and day when you will pick it up. It could fit into a small sedan on a front passenger seat.

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