Garden Items (Port Richey)

Looking to get some garden supplies and some tools.

Things I need are an electric saw, a hammer, some galvanized nails and/or screws, some pots for plants, any pallets in good shape, chicken wire, tomato cages, any stakes or bamboo 4ft or longer, any wooden boards 4 ft or longer, any organic compost or soil, any edible or medicinal plants or plant seeds, and any small handheld gardening tools.

I just lost my father in law at 93 years old a few days before posting this and because of this my funds are limited.

I started this project to help make sure my family can be fed during these hard times and saving on supplies allows me to help my husband and my mother in law more during these hard times.

So anything offered is appreciated and needed.

If you've made it this far thank you and I hope you have a blessed day.