craft supplies (Brooklyn)

I'm a deacon at my church and I'm going to be a pastor but every like two or three Sundays sometimes one personal come in and say would you like to make a birthday cards Christmas cards Easter cards one person will come in and my charger goes to my church and she would say this is how you take a picture if you like to take a picture of a flower or you know you want to take a picture of the family instead of getting a blurry she teaches you and I'm the opposite I'm the one who actually has the crafts and I'm the one who shows them how to make a little dollhouse furniture pieces a little planter I tell them how to make a little magazine holder for the dolls I tell them how to make little magazines so I don't have that much crap stuff left I have only enough for me because I like to sell them on offer up and people buy them cuz they have Barbie dolls and they have you know a little dolls but I'm looking for more craft stuff so I can waiting for my church and leave it there so then we could do it every two Sundays so if anybody has any craft stuff they can fill up a plan bag just fill it up as much as you could in the plant bag I would really appreciate it and I'll put your name on there there the prayer list so then it'll be on Facebook when they call out your name on the prayer list Joseph
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