miniatures (Brooklyn)

I am a deacon of my church and I'm looking for miniatures so people could actually use my miniature stuff and we could combine them together and sometimes we have like a show to show off our stuff and our stuff goes on to YouTube Facebook and everywhere else but I need miniatures like mini ice creams mini donuts anything like miniatures and then I could combine it with my miniature stuff that I make and then I can teach the people how to make this thing so I can take the miniatures that somebody will give me and use it as like a big set so I'm looking for miniatures out there if anybody has any little pieces and you can put them in Ziploc bags and you can just put it aside and then time give me whatever you have that would be great because I go to my church and it's nice because I'm a dick in there for 30 years and I'm trying to teach people about miniatures now so if anybody has any miniatures please put it aside for us thank you
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