Hops for Homebrewing (City east: Park-Monroe Ave)


For you fellow home-brewers, our “Hinterhof” hops are ready to harvest off the vines, and we have a handful of quart bags frozen, each enough for maybe 4 gallons of homebrew.
If you want to pick your own or pick up frozen packages, let us know! There's probably enough for several folks, so don't be shy. :) We'd be happy to supply giant bags if you simply want to cut a bunch of vines and run, and pluck the hops off later.

(For the technically inclined, these are probably a variety of Olympic Hops, and here are some technical points about that variety:
Hops Purpose: Bittering & Aroma (well, you probably knew that! ;)
Alpha Acid Composition: 10.6%-13.8%
Beta Acid Composition: 3.8%-6.1%)
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