dry stuff (Brooklyn)

I'm looking for any type of cereal it doesn't matter what it is it can be a small box it could be a large box macaroni and cheese you know hamburger helper anything with like like a try so I could just add what I can add my mom is on food stamps but it's hard for me to get back onto food stamps and it's hard for me to get much food and we got to depends on certain people to help us so when we're not poor poor but you know I'm trying to get back on food stamps and I don't want to use all my mom's food stamp money and then she doesn't have it and then she has to wait until that certain date to get it so I was wondering if there's anybody out there who has anything like macaroni and cheese cereal even dry milk is cool with me too if you have hamburger helper cans of tuna fish stuff like that I would really appreciate it and my mom will really appreciate it too and I know it's a little hard these days but I would appreciate if anybody has anything they can put it in like a little shopping bag and I have a little cart and I can pick it up I would really appreciate it a lot my name is Joe thank you
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