12 inch GI Joe clothes (Brooklyn)

I'm looking for 12-in GI Joe clothes century 21 clothes action Man clothes or accessories rocket launchers stuff like that me and my brother used to play with them a long time ago but when he passed on I want to get my judge collection back up and it's a little rough in me with money situation so is there anybody out there who collected all these and who don't want them you can keep the dolls I just like the accessories cuz I would need the second accessories to you know my collection and stuff and I still play with my GI Joe and I'm 53 so it makes me happy you know to take away everyday that you look out outside but when you have your with you and it brings back a lot of memories so cuz anybody have any accessories Rock and launchers boots duffel bags stuff like that I'm looking for I would really appreciate it oh and PS my friends do call me GI Joe cuz I wear a dog tag and my name is Joe
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