Does anybody have a coffee machine (Brooklyn)

I'm looking for a small coffee machine that would have for four cups or a regular coffee machine that would have for 12 cups and if you have one and you throw them away can you please put one aside I would definitely like to pick it up it's a little hard for me for money wise so wherever I can go to get a decent coffee machine we have one that only makes one cup to two cups so my mom usually likes a cup or two in the afternoon and sometimes she'll like to have hot chocolate but we don't really have the money to get another coffee machine because it's a little tight for the money situation so does anybody have like a 12 cup one or even a four cup one I could be used it doesn't matter as long as I can still use it that's good for me and I would appreciate it and so would my mom and my mom's name is Angela my name is Joe and we would really appreciate it thank you so much
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