Balsawood (Brooklyn)

Do you build anything with balsa wood do you have any scrap pieces of balsa wood and can be big it can be small it can be thin as long as it's also wood I would appreciate it I'm a deacon of my church and it's a little hard for me to get balsa wood all the time cuz there's a place where I can get it but it takes an hour to me to get it so does anybody have any muscle pieces of wood that they don't need that I would have really appreciate it I teach the people at my church how to make balsa wood projects like little planter stands and a whole bunch of things so I don't have that much falsehood left but every Sunday we try something different with balls of wood so if anybody has any pieces of balsa would you don't really need can you please put them in a lot shopping carts I mean or a shopping bag either one you could do and I will come to you and I'll pick it up if it's not that far and I would appreciate it and my name is Joe I'm a deacon of the church so they call me Joe for sure and I would appreciate it thank you
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