small garden table..bistro/mosaic style (Hall Green B28)

Hi everyone. I have these pictures in my head as to how I'd really love my garden, and my flat to look. Nothing posh, if anything a bit Boho, Hippy etc. Am tryin to decorate a square meter at a time as that's all energy I have due to illness. I saved for the paint..tho cud still do with some exterior furniture colours. I've got curtains ready and new settee covers. Now however, have run out of funds..well, no, actually.. my... 'Flat and Garden ' desperately trying to make it how I want it fund'
of course now having to go, along with every other poor bugger's money to utility bills instead. So here I am ..altho tbh I've always preferred recycling and upcycling items to make them 'my own' rather than spend wat little I get on Disability on new; sparkly, usually
badly made and always overpriced ' in/fashionable' items with no history. I believe soo much more can be re-used or re-purposed. So, cap in hand, I'm adding a list of various items I would really LOVE to be considered for , if by chance you are thinking of letting them go and passing them on to begin a new life. Maybe you might see this and come across my 'wanteds' but not have any of the items . You might tho then realise that you have got some things along the same garden items, decorative garden and home things and maybe even just a little Boho , hippy or throws, lanterns, fairy lights and so onnn.. u think I might like after uv seen the sort of bits n bobs I'm looking for.... Ya NEVERR know! Lol. Thank u for taking the time to read my waffle..I will repeat this on each 'wanted' I post. In advance THANK YOU and many blessings Nade x
Can you help with this request?
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