Aga Type Cast Iron Range Cooker: gasfired (Kington HR5)

This cooker looks like an Aga but it is much more versatile.

The major similarity is that it is made of enamelled high quality cast iron (total weight 530kg) well enamelled in cream on the front and with a black top. I fear that it has a small chip in the enamel on the top left hand oven door. We have found this not noticeable but it can be seen on close inspection of the third photo. The colour rendering on our computer is not perfect. The lids in the first and second photos give the best colour accuracy.

The major difference is that it can be heated up from cold in about 20-30 minutes so is usable in summer and winter. It is controllable using any low current electrical outlet. It could be a normal socket, a fused spur, a built in timeswitch or any smarthome controllable socket adapter ("Alexa: switch on the cooker!"). A less major difference is in the design of the hotplate. It has one hotplate with a continuous range of temperatures. Hottest on the left and cooler on the right.

It has three large ovens. I have been using the hot oven to bake bread and do roasts. I have also used it as a grill. The medium oven is good for cake baking and the coolest for keeping plates amd food warm.

It's controllability makes it much more economical than an Aga. Aga's are designed to be hot at all times. The Thornhill Eco Range is hot only when you switch it on but can be used for room heating in the winter, when it will take less time to heat to cooking temperature.

Note that this is heavy item. I can help you to dismantle it if you like. Please message me to discuss removal and collection.
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