Seven lengths Dressmaking fabrics (Pyrmont)

The colours in photos of the fabrics are unfortunately not 100% true. The navy is a true navy blue, but I wanted to show the slight self pattern of the fabric. Please note that I do not want to split the offer, ie take one, take all 😉 All measurements shown length x width:
1m x 1.5m White light-weight twill - suit skirt
2.7m x 1.35m Navy Wool, very slight stretch. This is a winter fabric. (see photo)
2m x 1m Indian Sari type fabric (see photo)
2.1m x 1.5m Heavy black satin - not suitable for lining
2m x 1.15 Beige/black light-weight satin (see photo)
2.5m x 8cm black fringe - not cut (see photo)
1.2m x 1.5m Navy light-weight velvet jersey. There is another piece attached approx 1.5m x 75cm