click together faux decking 'tiles' (Hall Green B28)

Hiya, just wondered if maybe, on the off chance someone is may be looking to gift any left over tiles they have after finishing their project? Next year I'm going to have a big oc a garden revamp I hope, in an effort , as I don't really go anywhere other than my garden as havd chronic illness. I'd live to turn into my own version of a little sanctuary to be shared with wildlife. If u come across my other 'wants' u will see a bit of a theme gorging, altho tbh am also trying to do the same inside also. Can't get normal decking and the area I want to cover is only very small, @ 2m x 2/3 m if that. Wud becreally grateful to receive any 'leftovers' and altho will request separately any other garden items like bulbs, colourful wooden furniture paint for bench, shed etc, ghjngz I can upcycle into something different wux also be make 'interesting' 'sculptures'..well , a bit ambitious with that one..let's say statues or ornaments lol. More unusual the better really, wall plaques, ceramic pots etc, plants. Anything and everything as also Wang to create a raised veg patch as unable to bend or dig. On that subject don't know If I'm allowed to ask this so forgive me Admin if not, but am looking fof someone now to paint my fence b4 bad weather and to hammer a few nails into my shed .. will be looking nxt spring for someone to know my small lawn on a fortnightly basis also ..if anyone's interested in doing both ?Wud be great for a teenager..obvs WILL NOT be doing as a volunteer of course! Many thanks and blessings Nade x.
Can you help with this request?
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