Microgreens, expired cheese, other items - see list

OFFER - see list below.
1. Microgreens - these are live plants that I received at a recent event held at Holy Cross Hospital Germantown. I looked them up and discovered that they are goitrogenic, which means that they're not good for my thyroid condition. There are tatsoi and field greens in a plastic clamshell container, arugula in a paper cup, and some seeds and soil in a clear plastic cup. I don't know what kind of plants the seeds are.
2. Refrigerated items, expired. Yakult Nonfat Probiotic Drink, 5-pack, exp Aug 29, 2022; Cracker Barrel Marbled Sharp Cheddar cheese, 8 oz brick, exp 16 Mar 2022. Please take both.
3. Gold Medal flour, expired, best if used by date 10 Aug 2022. Unopened. Stored in Ziploc zipper bag since purchase.
4. Montgomery County Agricultural Fair 2022 catalog. I was going to place this into the recycling, but then I thought that someone might want it.
In Seneca Place apartments, corner of Wisteria and Great Seneca Highway. Please provide date and time window for pickup.