Piano (West Blatchington BN3)

Good home wanted for our beautiful Evestaff art deco style piano!

We think it was originally from the 1940's, still in good condition, with the minor knock/marks you'd expect from something this age but nothing that is very obvious. It was last tuned in May this year. A couple of keys at either end of the keyboard aren't perfect, so would suit a beginner/intermediate player, but otherwise it plays well with no sticking keys.

It's called a mini piano, because it is lower and shallower, than a regular upright. Like a regular upright, it has a full size keyboard so similar width. Dimensions are approx 140cm wide, 46cm deep, 93cm high. Comes with a matching stool.

Although less imposing than a traditional upright, it is still very heavy and you'll most likely need a van (and strong helpers) to move it.

Please check your measurements and make sure it will fit - we've had one failed attempt at passing this because of this!!

We were gifted the piano when our kids were in primary school - they're now GCSE/A level age. We live in a small flat and a full size upright would dominate the room, whereas this is perfect - the bonus being it's a gorgeous piece of furniture. It's actually the only piece of furniture I enjoy polishing as it takes very little effort to get it looking wonderfully glossy!

We're passing it on because our kids have lost interest in all things music and it's currently used as a rather lovely mantelpiece, when it really deserves to be played.

If you have younger kids and are debating getting a piano for lessons then this could fit the bill perfectly.

If you're local to Brighton & Hove then we can recommend a great piano teacher and our piano tuner too.

Please do consider how you will get this home before you enquire about it, as it is heavy and awkward to move so think van and muscle. Tbh, I'm getting a bit fed up of fielding enquiries from people who think they can sling it in the boot of their car. (I'm not normally this grumpy, honestly! )

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