FONDANT - Unicorn blues & pinks (Ballard)

8 oz pink
8 oz red
4 oz royal blue
4 oz powder blue
Exps 3/31 to 4/20 next year

Pick-ups by appointment in north Ballard.

If you want only one/some color(s) that's great, I'd love to make 2-4 people happy. All is fine too. They are in theory mixable so you could make lavender or purples and violets, but I haven't used this brand before.

If it isn't marked promised by then, it/some hasn't been promised yet.

Pickups by appointment on Saturdays 11am-1pm, alternate (less preferable) appts Sundays 4pm-5pm. Must be by appointment, at a multi-unit dwelling on a busy street where items cannot be left out.

Please see all my posts and ask for specific items by name (and quantity desired, where applicable), preferably in one message, and say when you want to have your pick up appointment for NW Ballard.

Many thanks for reliable pickups, and complete & clear communication. I may not have time to respond to everyone, if your email is vague or incomplete I may have to skip you.
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