4 Black and Decker cabinets (Near Maclay School)

One cabinet is 3 feet tall, the other 3 are 70 inches in height and all are just over 2 feet wide. Material feels like a cross between rubber and plastic and there are screw holes to attach to a wall for stability. The small cabinet has shelves that go all the way across as does one of the tall ones. The other two have the smaller shelves and then a space for mops, brooms, whatever and hooks for hanging stuff up as well. Shelves are interchangeable and cabinets are identical on the outside. They need a good cleaning as they've been in a garage a very long time. I have used bleach on them to get rid of mildew and it works great. One person does not have to take all of them but you will need a vehicle like a pick-up or trailer to get them. N. Meridian Rd and Rhoden Cove Rd. Don't ask me to call you. Let me know day and time you can pick up.