Covid & Respiratory Med (Lomatium) (Ballard)

Lomatium Dissectum (Biscuitroot) herb distilled extract. MUST BE REFRIDGERATED. A remedy for respiratory and fatigue illnesses, works to support recovery in most people, but some (5-10% of people) have allergic reactions to it and it would be contraindicated. If you are worried about what you would do if you got covid, try this IN ADVANCE to find out if you tolerate it. This stuff is why indigenous tribes survived the 1918 flu pandemic.

This is leftovers from it curing a chronic illness in our household (not covid), we no longer need.

FYI if this does work for you AND you get the rash/inflammation allergic response, there is an "isolate" version where the allergen has been removed that costs 50x as much and is made by eclectic herb institute and sold at Bastyr's Dispensary.

Pickup by appointment in North Ballard. Preference to nearby or low-income folks who say when they'd like to pick up and confirm they have refridgerator access.

Best pickup times are 5pm-7pm daily or weekends 10am-10pm. Please see my other offer posts that are older and unclaimed, I am happy to give multiple items to the same person.
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