Odds and Ends

Here are your options to choose from:

1. dark gray/black car trash bin or storage with disposable plastic liners -- ~9 x 9 x 6 inches2. Slytherin Harry Potter tie -- ~2 inches wide and ~57 inches long3. black hard shell eyeglasses case -- by Coach, black velvet-y interior4. sleeve for reading glasses -- teal print5. table top towel bar -- ~ 12 inches tall, silver-color finish6. neon yellow tote bag in an attached storage pouch -- by Gap, ~ 4 x 6 inches and opens to regular tote bag size for shopping7. NEW British coin purse, small wallet, tiny make-up pouch -- ~4.5 x 4.5 inches, London scenes, pink polka dot interior8. NEW light up LED necklace -- 6 flashing Christmas lights9. NEW black beret -- ~11 inch diameter10. suction cup plastic vase and 2 fake flowers -- sticks to glass (not really to other surfaces)11. NEW small key chain or backpack decor -- dog with heart12. NEW Hunter ceiling fan and light control
Please pick up your choice(s) in Montgomery Village 20886, near Watkins Mill HS
Thank you! Susan