Broken office chair (Ducie Street Junction M1)

Black office chair with arm rest, adjustable height and back rest, free to collect from Manchester city centre. There are a few problems with it, so would be a great little project for someone that can be bothered (sadly I could not):

-The piston mechanism is out of gas, so when you sit on it the seat lowers and when you stand up it raises up. The entire piston will need replacing.
-There are three bolts underneath the seat that hold the backrest up that loosen by themselves. I don't think this was suitable, maybe the holes were too large for the bolts. I have used pliers several times to tighten them but sadly this makes no difference. This does make the seat uncomfortable, so I absolutely recommend seeing if there is a fix for this. Maybe you could glue the bolts in place.
-It came with a headrest, but sadly I do not have it anymore as it was not needed.

**The chair has been around animals, namely cats and ferrets, so please be wary that it may not be suitable for use by those with severe allergies**

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