Baby Spider Plants (Stanstead St Margarets SG12)

Baby Spider Plants

Hi folks, hope everyone is doing ok?

About 7 little pots of spider plants available - take as many as you’d like - 2-3 little plants in each pot planted with high quality soil. Very easy to look after - just pop them by a window that doesn’t have direct sunlight & water when dry (about once a week).
When they are happy they produce pretty little white flowers which you can then snip off & replant if you want to.
When they get bigger you can pop them in bigger plant pots.

Would make sweet little Xmas presents!

Collection is from Stanstead Abbotts SG12; just pop us a message letting us know how many you’d like (one is fine of course!) & which colour pot you’d like ~ at the point of posting this we have:

Baby Pink
Sky Blue
Grass Green
Pale Orange
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