Gift wrap rolls, any theme (Ballard)

Gift wrap Rolls wanted! Holiday theme or no, any colors. Religious or secular are all fine, kid or adult, colorful or demure, basic or luxe, all are fine.

Maybe in the age of social media and photo sharing, people don't want to use same patterns next year. I am seeing more rolls in recycle and trash bins year by year.

I use lots all year round, every year (sometimes for charitable causes, sometimes personal), and I have a shelf to put it, some in a portable case for volunteering as a wrapper. I always seemed to come across "enough" in the past, but I finally ran out this year! Seeing it in bins seems like waste. With the ice storms I didn't feel comfortable walking around or getting out of my car at the right times this season.

If you want to help me restock from your neighbor's recycling bin, great! PLEASE ASK so you aren't breaking the law. (Seattle municipal code prohibits taking from private dumpsters.) Consider it a fun way to introduce someone to trash nothing and freecycling.

Gas cost is an issue but I will travel for substantial stashes.
Can you help with this request?
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