20x bulk meal prep containers (Ballard)

Domed plastic boxes store 3 cups (24 oz) liquid or 4 cups solid foods (32 oz). Great size. Freezer and microwave safe, secure lids. Also perfect for meal-sized lunch salads. We used to make three days salad lunches at one go, or freeze 4-6 entrees from one recipe. Two boxes worth of cubed veggies will fill a sheet pan.

Pickups by appointment on Saturdays 11am-1pm, alternate (less preferable) appts Sundays 4pm-5pm. Must be by appointment, at a multi-unit dwelling on a busy street where items cannot be left out.

Please see all my posts and ask for specific items by name (and quantity desired, where applicable), preferably in one message, and say when you want to have your pick up appointment for NW Ballard.