CD/DVD cases (and middle/high school science DVDs) [20886]

Various educational CD/DVDs produced for middle and/or high school
curriculums, mostly these were give-aways at various teacher
conferences. Available either for the educational disc inside, or just
the cases, whatever you can use.

1. lightweight plastic jewel case holds 2 CDs - contains information
about Deepwater Horizon oil spill
2. qty.3 circular plastic cases, these are just a little bigger than the
disc itself. (contents - US Forest Service and Climate Change, Recycling
Cans, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA
Activity Book for younger kids)
3. qty.5 of the larger DVD-style movie cases. (contents - 2x NOAA
International Polar Year 2007-2008, Evolution, AIDS epidemic, Prentice
Hall presentation contents for science teachers)
4. qty.7 of the music CD jewel cases (contents - 5 software discs -
GlenCoe Physics Teacher Resources x2, GlenCoe Physics student workbooks,
GlenCoe ExamView assessment suite, GlenCoe Answer Key Maker; two CDs
from NASA -Landsat images and the electromagnetic spectrum)

Let me know which item(s) you would like

Porch pickup in East Montgomery Village near Lake Marion, zip 20886
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