Small internet satellite dish (Petrolia area but can deliver)

I pulled this satellite dish (for internet service) off the side of my house. It had been on there since about 2015. When we figured out how expensive Exede was, we quit using them, but they said (so kindly!) "You can keep the dish, no problem!"
But i have no use for this dish. I don't want to trash it. It's actually pretty cool... scientist/inventor/handy/tinkerer types, heads up!
Look how you can arrange it so that the dish points anywhere... right, left, up, down... even has the protractor built in! How cool is that! It could be used for any sort of device you wanted to rearrange occasionally. Or maybe a shallow frog pond or a snow saucer, or a heat-reflecting solar cooker--?!
I have the 10 big bolts that attached it to the building, and there are more small ones holding the wires onto the side of the house, which i could take off and give you, too, if you meant to use it for something like its original purpose. The dish is about 30" diameter.

Please let me know if you want this and i will even deliver it to a reasonable location (that is, likely, after driving some distance from home in the Mattole Valley).
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