Oreck XL vacuums (Swissvale)

Old-school Oreck XL upright vacuum cleaners. Two definitely work, third unknown. Effectively remove debris and obvious cat fur tufts from carpet but not going to extract deeply embedded fur or dust. 3 new bags on top of those in the machines.

Porch pickup Swissvale with a few lit and salted steps but I might be able to deliver if nearby. Home to cats.

Left: I've had this over a decade, motor has been professionally serviced, belt tends to slip back into a position where it rubs smellably (think audibly for smell) after readjustment/replacement but you may have better luck. Power cord needs taped in places or replaced. Comes with manual and partly used bag.

Middle: I found this curbside a few months ago, motor smells hot after a room or two but performs same as above. Power cord already taped up in a couple spots. Comes with manual, partly used bag, and receipt from a professional service in 2008.

Right: This dusty one was another curbside find I grabbed for parts but have never tried. The power cord is in really bad shape.

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