Wooden Playhouse (St Albans AL1)

A very nice wooden playhouse suitable for kids up to about 5.

6ft x 6ft, tall enough for small children only. Waterproof roof, dry inside, windows and a working door, all in very good condition. Complete with small desk and chairs inside. Needs a fresh coat of paint, but that's all.

We inherited this when we moved into this house and our kids are way too big to use it. It seems a shame to throw it away so its available to anyone who wants it.

Serious people only, please!

This will take effort on your part to disassemble, remove and rebuild. You will need time and skills to do it. I don't have either; I'm happy to give access to take it down, but I'm not going to do the work.

There is a possibility to use a crane and flat bed truck - again, you would have to organise that.

But, if you can do it, it will be worth it.

Central St Albans, you're welcome to come and take a look in person to see if it's possible.
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