Oil & Soft Pastels, Etc (Queensway Terrace North)

Back in the 1980s, I used to do a lot of artwork...oil pastels, and experimented with Conté crayons on the side (the red and black sticks below the oil pastel boxes in the 1st photo). Not too successfully, no references or lessons available, so those supplies mostly sat unused.

Years later--about 5 or 6 years ago--I had the chance to take a class in "soft" pastels, for which I bought the whole kit seen in the 3rd photo. A couple of pastel papers pads, one about half used, transfer paper, fixative spray, and the good palette of colours specified by the teacher. The course was OK, but I did end up not driven to do any more once it was over, and it didn't teach me anything about using my original oil pastels...so the whole pile has gathered dust in my closet since.

And so I want to move it on, and figure I may as well add a recently surplus roughly 8" x 11" frame as well. Everything could go as one lot, or I can see splitting it by oil vs. soft pastels, maybe even splitting off the Conté crayons, depending on what people may be interested in.

This is part of a group of items I'm posting TUESDAY AFTERNOON (March 7th).
I won't look to see who's interested until THURSDAY MORNING (March 9th).
Then I'll do my usual: either decide who to offer to, or if there's a lot of interest on an item, I go to a names-in-a-hat exercise.

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