Old VCR movies and horror movies (Brooklyn ny)

OBC I'm looking for old VCR movies and horror movies from 1985 up to 1995 when the VCR movies were there I'm looking for the old classic ones cuz I have a VCR player and I have a DVD player and I like to have it in my horror collection I know you could get the new ones out on DVD but I love the old ones and I love the old type of VCR movies because they have more better quality and you get to see what they were I want to have it in my collection so when my friends come over they can see how like I could build all custom things so does anybody have any VCR movies out there that they do not need the only thing is I'm at West 2nd Street in Brooklyn New York I can travel with a cart but I can only fill it up with about 40 40 VCR tapes
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