Brooder Supplies/unwanted hardware (Northern Pensacola/Cantonment)

Hi, everyone.

I've been thinking about getting a few backyard chickens to raise, as they're great at bug-hunting, make good compost for my garden and they lay eggs for a few years. Just starting out, so I'm looking to start out with a just few little peepers to see how well it goes. So, I'm looking to get my hands on a brood-heater of the radiant variety, as opposed to a heat-lamp, as that's safer and healthier for the little chicklings and feels more "natural" to them, like Mother Hen's warm petticoats instead of the McChikin experience.

So if anyone has one they no longer use and are willing to part with, I'd love to give it a new home. Also welcome, is would be any other supplies one might be willing to let go of, as I'm currently staring down trying to budget in a coop and hen house (I've got a lot of supplies for that as well). Mainly, it's about the hardware--hinges, hasps, latches and so on.
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