used Sunray Playground disassembled (Crown Hill, Carkeek Park)

Used Sunray Premium Playground 5-70-0071, disassembled into major components so as to be easier to reassemble. In fair-to-good condition but with some wooden boards that were in ground contact and a few others, most notably half of those holding the climbing ‘rocks’, needing replacement. Easy carpentry. Also needing replacement a few rusted screws and bolts. The rest of the hardware is in excellent condition as is the dingy slide. Let me know if you're interested as I will need to move the pieces up from the lower yard where I would otherwise leave them for reuse if no one is interested. I have the original manual in good condition. Tools required to reassemble include portable drill/driver, screwdrivers, socket wrench and a couple of clamps. I did both the assembly and the disassembly myself, though at times a couple of additional hands would be helpful and transport would be much easier with two people.

You don't have to do the reassembly from scratch: what's required is putting the major sub-assemblies back together. Please see the photographs to get an idea of the component assemblies.

If you would like any or some of the components, for example, the slide or the swing/monkey bar elements or the ladder/steps, and no one wants the whole thing, you are welcome to them.

These photos and others showing the playground in various stages of disassembly are in a shared Google photo album for your perusal.
Pictures of an older playground are the one being offered; pictures (3) of a pristine playground are not mine and offer better views of the whole thing. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing it.

For current offerings, not the older one offered here, but very similar: Rainbow Play Systems

Please note and bear in mind that it may be a couple of weeks (max) before I can get the help I need to move the components up to where they can be picked up. This whole thing depends on timely communication, so please don't respond if you're not prepared to communicate timely and follow through on what you say you're going to do.

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