Lumber (Statesville near Harmony)

Hi I'm looking for lumber of any type. I broke my back about 12 years ago and then again about 5 years ago so working has been really difficult. I'm currently looking into disability, but until then I am using old wood from fences, houses, porches, etc. to build bird houses, gun racks, jewelry boxes, chests, etc and putting them in my online store to make some money and help my wife support our family. Woodworking has always been a passion of mine and it has been my dream for many many years to have my own woodworking business. I'm also going to school to get my business degree. My car is broke down so any help getting the lumber to me would be great, but if that's not possible, and you're not too far away, I may be able to get someone to help me pick it up. This is my first time trying my hand at my own business and so far it's going okay but I need more lumber to keep going. If I can just gain a little momentum and start making money I can start buying what I need for my business. Thanks so much in advance!

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