extra shorts and socks for soccer etc practice? [20886]

When I used to coach youth soccer, parents often left me their uniform
kits if their kids were moving to another activity or league, and I
would pass those on to other parents as much as possible. Well, it turns
out I accumulated a lot of shorts over the years :) Maybe you can use
some extra shorts or socks for practice this season?

I also have a bunch of numbered jerseys (no player names) in various
sizes but of course they have club-specific logos so maybe not so
appealing, but let me know if you can use an extra jersey to practice in
(mostly red or white jerseys but a few in other colors) and what size
you need, it's very likely I have at least one that will fit your
player. I probably have enough to outfit a small youth team if you all
need matching color jerseys and don't care about the club logo or having
sequential numbers :)

new socks - black
2x junior (shoe size 12.5 to 5 for boys, 4 to 6.5 for girls)
1x Youth (shoe size 6 to 9.5 for boys, 7 to 10.5 for girls)
1x adult Large for high schoolers or adults

used but still usable socks - one pair red, the others are black
8 pairs mostly large (for high schoolers or adults), one or two suitable
for middle schoolers

Shorts all gently used excepted as noted. All are black, some have white
1 adult XXL
7 adult L
4 adult M
4 adult S
4 youth L
2 youth M (these are new)
1 youth S
3 unmarked but more toward the youth M or S side of the scale
mostly elastic waist with drawstring

let me know what you can use or you are welcome to come by to pick
through to choose - there can be significant variation between
manufacturers so one Adult M may fit more like an S and another may fit
more like an L (for example).

Porch pickup in East Montgomery Village near Lake Marion, zip 20886