leftover wood and materials from porch repair [20886]

Leftovers from a porch repair - dimensions in inches are approximate,
let me know if you need me to check a specific measurement

4x4 x 72
4x4 x 121
1x6 x 42
2 x 7 x 69
2 x 9 x 140
2 x 9 x 192
2 x 6 x about 90-100 ish -- there are 6 pieces that were used for rough
framing and support, I tried to remove the nails but there are still a
few. These pieces aren't "pretty" wood.
3/4 x 18 x 61 - this piece is pressboard with some holes drilled in it

1 x 4 x 114 versatex
two pieces of PVC molding - one is about 15 feet, the other is about 5 feet

Preference given to someone who will take all.

Driveway pickup in East Montgomery Village near Lake Marion, zip 20886

two photos because I couldn't get an angle that would fit it all into one