Doilies, beef bone broth, pantry items

Offering the following. Please specify weekday and half-hour time window. Thanks!
1. Doilies - received these from another Freecycler but didn't use them. Some staining - see photos.2. One Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth and one Bonafide Organic Beef Bone Broth (frozen). Got for an occasion and then didn't use.3. Pantry items - tomatoes, beans, and yellow-lid Sunbutter are expired; the two honey mustard dressings and the green-lid Sunbutter are NOT expired. I became concerned about the "might contain" part of the dressing, so I'm giving them away, but I included a photo of that part of the label in case of allergies.
Seneca Place apartments across from SVHS, diagonally across from shopping center with Dollar General and Ledo Pizza.
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